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Smokescreen is a new open-source project aimed at converting Flash to JavaScript/HTML5 to run where it previously couldn’t and better interoperate with webpages where it previously could.
cool idea, good luck!



Fantastic ! The GUI and performance of flash are so heavenly memorable.

This is exactly what I thought of when Steve Jobs made is official statements about Flash. Adobe makes great creation tools. Why not simply beat jobs at his own game and build amazing HTML5 tools and encourage the world to build web apps instead of native ones? I hope that your company get s bought by Adobe for a gazillion dollars and someone gives you a medal. With Smokescreen and maybe PhoneGap, Adobe could really make a real power move. You guys are going to be famous for 1000 reasons. Thank you for your work. Thank you for open sourcing it, as well.

Wow, this is awesome.
I wonder if it will be easier to create animations in Flash Builder and export them to Javascript rather than writing in Javascript natively.

Really really really great job.

Got my iPad yesterday without really being aware of the lack of Flash – lots of my fave websites wont work. Can’t wait for this to be released. Good work!

Deane Venske :
What about interactivity, unless you can successfully do user input this isn’t going to solve many people’s problems

best of luck!

Sandee Cohen:
If I put a SWF animation into a PDF and then open that PDF on an iPhone or iPad, would the SWF animation play?

I want these awesome avatars!!

Nobody needs Flash!

I think Mr. Jobs should be giving you a call before Adobe scoops you up. The demo is amazing and all of you will be very rich very soon.

Saulo Castelo:
You are Genius!

Carlos Gavidia:
Amazing !!! it is going to kick Job’s ass…jjejee Genial!

Ben Lacy:
So how does it work with passing parameters to a swf file? Can it handle anything like that?

Thanks for initiating something that will be great. So far, in my limited testing of your demos, my iPhone 3GS ran terribly slow then crash. Repeatedly.
I’d love to be able to implement this on some of my current sites just so that the those content modules show up! But, I can’t have it crash.
Look forward to further enhancements!

Examples of apps using Smokescreen

We’ve got a great case study for you today looking at how companies have used Smokescreen to fight back against the evil Adobe Flash empire.spread betting

We were approached by the people at ETX Capital, an investment firm that offers retail trading to its client base.  Their online desktop platform utilises flash really well, but they were now about to launch a mobile trading app and were concerned about compatibility and accessibility.

After sitting down and talking to them at their swanky city offices, we struck up a deal to help their in-house development team launch both an iPhone and Android app.  It was a rigorous process, but after some convincing, we showed them the power of Smokescreen and how it runs faster, quicker and better than flash on any platform!  The devs were happy, the board was happy and their thousands of spread betting clients now had access to their trading account on the move.  Everyone’s a winner!

One of the important things that we learned in this process is the art of being patient.  It’s one thing to convince people to use what we think is a great programming language, however, for many people it is a completely new and alien concept for them.  What may seem to be a quick fix for us actually takes hours – because we’re so use to our language and other developers may not be.  That’s why we’re looking to launch a how-to section in the near future, plus a free training program, to help you acclimatise to smokescreen and its foibles.

Stay tuned for more case studies like this in the future, including how house clearance company Just Clear used us to launch an intuitive iPad app, a major drinks company ended up saving $600,000 on flash support fees by switching to smokescreen, plus many more.  Ready to start your story? Then get in touch with us to see how smokescreen can help you and your business.



Smokescreen is made by the guys over at RevShock, a new mobile ad startup based in Austin and San Francisco. You can follow us to keep track of our latest developments at @RevShockAds, or get in touch via smokescreen@revshock.com.

Smokescreen was primarily developed by Chris Smoak, who is on Twitter at @chrissmoak.



The following are live demos showing Smokescreen in action. Demos without sound are paired with their Flash counterparts on the same page for comparison. Since Smokescreen is written in JavaScript, it is slower than the Flash plugin and is limited in speed by the performance of the browser. Until we pull more tricks out of our sleeves to boost the speed, realize that some demos will not run at accpetable speeds on iPad/iPhone/iPod devices, and are categorized appropriately.

Use the latest version of your browser. Smokescreen currently works in Firefox 3.6, Chrome 5, Safari 4, and MobileSafari. There are known, fixable issues with Opera 10.5. No luck in IE yet, though IE9 looks promising.

For Win, Mac, and Linux

  • StrongBad email #45 (coming soon)
  • StrongBad email #110 (coming soon)
  • StrongBad email #16 (coming soon)

For Win, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, and iPod

  • Lyris ad (coming soon)
  • Kitchen Daily ad (coming soon)

For Win, Mac, Linux, and iPad

  • Microsoft ad (coming soon)
  • Batman ad (coming soon)
  • Smokescreen intro (coming soon)

Here’s a video of Smokescreen on the iPad in action.

About this site



Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’re probably familiar with the fact that Adobe Flash doesn’t run on any mobile Apple device.  Moreover, it looks like Apple is never going to let Flash onto the iPhone/iPod/iPad empire.


These two facts paint a bleak picture for mobile advertising.  Many people still want to use their existing Adobe tools for developing ads, and retooling to support a single platform seems silly.  As an ad network, we believe that dynamic, interactive ads are much more fun than boring static ads and thus, we were faced with two options:  live in a dark, desolate world of boring mobile ads or do something about it.


We’re putting Smokescreen out there as a preview right now. We look forward to adding support for more of Flash, fix bugs, and improve performance over time.  A lot of work still needs to be done on the programming side of things, commercial side of things and even on the website itself.  We’re in the middle of looking to promote the website for certain keywords in Google and Bing.  For that reason. we have hired the seo services of SEO Wonder, who are going to be helping us in getting our website to rank for the keywords we want to rank for.  SEO is a really exciting industry and, given that Google can’t read flash files, we feel like there will be a natural cross-over in interest and services between the two industries.  We’re really looking forward to seeing what we can achieve!

This is just a start. Smokescreen currently supports a sizable subset of Flash 8 animation capabilities, streaming sound, sound effects, some input, and basic ActionScript.