The following are live demos showing Smokescreen in action. Demos without sound are paired with their Flash counterparts on the same page for comparison. Since Smokescreen is written in JavaScript, it is slower than the Flash plugin and is limited in speed by the performance of the browser. Until we pull more tricks out of our sleeves to boost the speed, realize that some demos will not run at accpetable speeds on iPad/iPhone/iPod devices, and are categorized appropriately.

Use the latest version of your browser. Smokescreen currently works in Firefox 3.6, Chrome 5, Safari 4, and MobileSafari. There are known, fixable issues with Opera 10.5. No luck in IE yet, though IE9 looks promising.

For Win, Mac, and Linux

  • StrongBad email #45 (coming soon)
  • StrongBad email #110 (coming soon)
  • StrongBad email #16 (coming soon)

For Win, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, and iPod

  • Lyris ad (coming soon)
  • Kitchen Daily ad (coming soon)

For Win, Mac, Linux, and iPad

  • Microsoft ad (coming soon)
  • Batman ad (coming soon)
  • Smokescreen intro (coming soon)

Here’s a video of Smokescreen on the iPad in action.

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